Jean-Paul Close, STIR Foundation presents: “Sensored Eco-City”

Jean-Paul Close, Sustainocrat at STIR Foundation and City of Tomorrow, will present during the Internet of Things Event: “Sensored Eco-City”. 

The tradition of a city as economic trade and market place is transforming into a social-ecological-economic eco-system. This is motivated by the global issues that influence cities and has enormous consequences for the way a city, its dynamics and population evolves. Internet of Things provides a decisive nerve backbone for self regulation in a dynamic setting.

“Smart Cities are Healthy Cities, Healthy cities are Smart“

About Jean-Paul Close
For 30 years active as high level international and global executive in telecom multinationals. Since his return to the Netherlands in 2001 he became aware of the vulnerability of our species if we continued to develop consumer based capitalism and destroy our habitat as a consequence. He defined a new model for society called Sustainocracy which he is putting into practice in his own direct environment in Eindhoven. Governments, scientific institutions, large and small enterprises and numerous citizen’s groups have joined his efforts through value driven cooperation. He initiated and leads global initiatives such as AiREAS, STIR Academy, City of Tomorrow, FRE2SH and SAFE, each having found a living lab in Eindhoven and now expanding world wide. Author of many books and publications about business spirituality, the transformation of society, business in 21st century, the awareness leap of humankind and Sustainocracy, the new democracy for sustainable human progress and the circular economy. Education: University of York – Maths and Computer Science,  Nyenrode – International Business Studies, Masters in Business Executive and Marketing.

About STIR Foundation
STIR Foundation is known as the City of Tomorrow. It sets up value driven, multidisciplinary cooperatives that address key global issues locally, involving through direct membership the local government, entrepreneurial innovators, scientists and local citizens. One of the most significant initiatives is AiREAS (healthy city through air quality)

Find out more about STIR Foundation (Dutch).

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