On the way to a smart future: Internet of People, not Things

On the way to a smart future: Internet of People, not Things! On December 15, internationally renowned speakers and IoT enthusiasts will gather in Eindhoven to debate the way our increasingly digitized society develops in the context of the entirely new Internet emerging.

It will not be an Internet of Things Event, but an Internet of People Event, in which the citizen/individual is the key.

The Internet of People Event aims to help you think systematically about the future from the human perspective, in other words the SMART SOCIETY, while embracing the new technologies that combine to produce new capacities for productivity, connectivity and communication.

Speakers: International speakers from Philips Lighting, Eindhoven University of Technology, SIDN Fund, digi.me, Qiy Foundation, Illuminoo, The Solly System, Totem Open Health, Dowse / Internet of Things Council, OpenEth.org, Just Things Foundation / Why does my refrigerator know that it is my birthday today? will be there to present. The titles of the presentations include: The Internet of Me: Solving today’s personal data issues | Making kinder, happier Machine Intelligence | Imagine we would design the Internet today | Hue – the light in a dark connected future | Connected learning about sustainability with Solly, the sun-eating robot | Changing healthcare with open source wearables and many more.

Content target: It is not a purely academic conference, but an innovative event bringing together brilliant minds and discoveries. The audience is a mix of academics, business, technology, regulation and creative, so the content will address both professionals and enthusiasts in the field.

Who should attend? IoT enthusiasts | Service providers | Hardware manufacturers | Open source professionals | Operators | Designers | Financial industry | Sociologists | Legal and regulation professionals | Educational institutions | Anyone who is curious about new technologies and the social impact of the internet.

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