Joost Bossina, ThingWorx presents: “How to make money in the emerging IoT/M2M industry”

Joost Bossina, Sales Area Manager-UK/Benelux at ThingWorx, presents at the IoT Event: “How to make money in the emerging IoT/M2M industry”.

Most development and discussions so far around IoT have been around various technology platforms and now is the time to start to make money on all these investments. This presentation will give insight on how to create business value for individuals and companies and ultimately how to start to earn money on IoT.

About Joost Bossina
Joost has been working for many years in the software industry providing solutions to drive service delivery improvements and innovation.

About ThingWorx – a PTC Business
ThingWorx™, a PTC business, provides the first platform designed to efficiently build and run the applications of today’s connected world. ThingWorx, the centerpiece of PTC’s Internet of Things (IoT) technology portfolio, combines capabilities from Axeda to deliver the world’s first complete IoT Platform, which includes connectivity, device cloud, business logic, big data, analytics and remote service applications. The combination delivers a comprehensive IoT technology stack that enables companies to securely connect assets, quickly create applications, and innovate new ways to capture value. Companies already leveraging this technology to capitalize on the potential of the IoT represent a wide range of markets, including manufacturing, energy, agriculture, transportation, and government.

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