Gerrit-Jan Zwenne, Bird & Bird presents: “IoT, datafication, big data & privacy and data protection law”

Prof. dr. mr. Gerrit-Jan Zwenne of Bird & Bird will present during the Internet of Things Event: “IoT, datafication, big data & privacy and data protection law”. 

The internet of things, datafication and big data force us to rethink and redesign our privacy and data protection laws. In his presentation prof. dr. Zwenne aims to explain why and the way forward.

“Our privacy law looks like an improbable elephant…“

About Gerrit-Jan Zwenne
Prof. dr. mr. G-J. (Gerrit-Jan) ZWENNE is a law professor at Leiden University, his chair is called Law and the Information Society. In addition Gerrit-Jan is partner at international lawfirm Bird & Bird LLP, based in The Hague. He has extensive experience in the field of privacy, internet and telecoms law, with over 100 publications on various subjects in these fields. He is president of the Netherlands Association for Information Technology and Law (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Informatietechnologie en Recht or NVvIR) and board member of the Dutch Privacy Law Association (Vereniging Privacy Recht or VPR). Gerrit-Jan completed Amsterdam Marathon of 2005.

About Bird & Bird LLP
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