Frederik Rykbos, Openmotics presents: “Commoditization: a requirement for home automation”

Frederik Rykbos, developer of OpenMotics, will present during the Internet of Things Event: “Commoditization: a requirement for home automation in an IoT world”.

Not so long ago, PC’s were very expensive gadgets for the happy few. Since them we’ve seen a tremendous evolution in both capabilities and prices. Commoditization brought PC’s to everybody, which caused communities to form and drove the PC’s capabilities to new heights. In the home automation market we still have to go through that phase, home automation systems vendors keep the systems expensive, so they are only accessible for the happy few. If we want our houses to be part of the IoT world, these systems will have to become commodity. During this talk we will cover the current situation and what open source can do to commoditize the home automation market.

About Frederik Rykbos 
Frederik is a backend developer for OpenMotics, a complete and open source home automation solution. He programs in python and creates the bridge from the hardware to a nice web based api.

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