François Girodolle, NEST presents: “How the Connected Home will become more thoughtful”

François Girodolle, head of European Product Partners at NEST, presents during the Internet of Things Event: “How the Connected Home will become more thoughtful”.

With the growing number of smart products available, solutions to unify these devices, and prices increasingly becoming more affordable to consumers, the connected home is quickly becoming a reality. But the full potential of the smart home is still to be realised. Tomorrow’s smart is the thoughtful home – a home that knows your daily routines, your wants and needs and adapts to your lifestyle. In this session, head of European product partnerships at Nest, Francois Girodolle, will discuss the full potential of the thoughtful home – a home that does more for you than you do for it.

“We are creating a home that takes care of you instead of the other way around“ – François Girodolle, NEST

About François Girodolle
Francois is the head of European product partnerships at NEST, working closely with iconic brands including Whirlpool, Mercedes-Benz, and Philips Hue to create meaningful and thoughtful product integrations. Through the Works with NEST developer program, NEST and partners can build connections that anticipate people’s needs to make their lives easier. Prior to NEST, Francois held senior product, marketing and business development roles at several major European tech players, as well as being an advisor to technology start-ups, and a judge and mentor in various globally-recognised innovation accelerators and competitions. François holds a Master’s degree in Engineering from Supelec, and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management (Sloan Fellows).

About NEST
NEST reinvents unloved but important home products, like the thermostat and smoke and CO alarm. The company focuses on delighting customers with simple, beautiful and thoughtful hardware, software and services. The NEST Learning Thermostat™ and NEST Energy Services offerings address home energy consumption, and NEST Protect: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide™ helps keep people safe. NEST products are sold in the U.S., U.K. and Canada, Ireland, France, The Netherlands and Belgium and are installed in more than 120 countries.

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