Etienne F. Augé, Erasmus University Rotterdam presents: “Histories of the future”

Etienne F. Augé, Senior lecturer at School of History, Culture and Communication, Erasmus University Rotterdam presents at the Internet of Things Event: “Histories of the future”.

Technology is going faster and we have a hard time to keep up. What’s happening with the future? It looks complex, exciting but also scary. This talk will deal with science fiction and how it has shaped the world we lived in and why it is still relevant. Science fiction can contribute to invent the future and prevent catastrophes that may happen if we let technology ruling us instead of serving us. There are lessons to learn form the past and questions to ask about the future.

“Time to invent the future”

About Etienne F. Augé
Etienne received his doctorate in History from EHESS in Paris. After teaching in several universities in Central Europe and the Middle East, he is now Senior Lecturer in the department of Media and Communication at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Specialized in Strategic mass communication and a former member of the French embassy in Lebanon, Etienne also trains diplomats at the diplomatic academy of Clingendael. He is the founder and director of CHIFT, a platform designed to study and produce science fiction in the Netherlands. He published several books about his research interest.

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