Erich Kamperschroer, Gorilla Electronics presents: “How startups in the IoT world find its niche”

Erich Kamperschroer, CEO at Gorilla Electronics GmbH, presents during the Internet of Things Event: “How a startup in the IoT world finds its niche and grows”.

The potential for the big players and those for the small ones. Shape a trend or follow a trend? What is the right bandwagon to jump on? Erich will give insights into do’s and don’ts for startups trying to grow into the IoT world.

About Erich Kamperschroer
With his 22 years experience in the consumer electronics devices business, and the past 15 years having been responsible for innovations at Siemens and Gigaset, Erich has invented and driven several products to the the mass market. He learned, which business concepts sell and which don’t. Erich has built the 1st Smart Home in the middle of Berlin, made the 1st mass-market IoT System and holds today 48 patent applications. His new startup Gorilla Electronics will also invest into IoT.

“Concentrate on Things that sell! This sounds simple, but it is by far the most challenging topic.“

About Gorilla Electronics GmbH
Gorilla Electronics GmbH is a German manufacturer of electronic devices, which solve daily problems with clever inventions a bit different than before. The company Slogan is “Your Gorilla® protects your home and your belongings.”  Gorilla® products are sold throughout the European Union (EU-27), Switzerland and Norway, also in USA and Canada. Gorilla® is a registered and protected brand.

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