Eric Feliksik, Nerdalize presents about “a cloud of highly distributed micro data centers”

Eric Feliksik, Co-Founder / COO at Nerdalize, presents at the Internet of Things Event: “Heat your home with computer power: a cloud of highly distributed micro data centers”.

Nerdalize is a Dutch start-up that provides affordable computing power with an innovative approach. We heat living rooms with CPUs, as high-performance computer hardware is fit into a beautiful design radiator. While home owners heat for free, a massive distributed compute infrastructure becomes available. This talk will give an overview of the dynamics of the cloud market and the energy industry, and why it makes sense to combine the two. We discuss how this allows us to compete in the cloud market, and how we aim to change the environmental impact of the compute industry.

“Free heating for everyone and Compute as an affordable, sustainable commodity“

About Eric Feliksik
Eric Feliksik is Director of the Cloud Orchestra at Nerdalize, where he builds the cloud that reduces your bills and saves your planet. Previously he built distributed systems in the energy management industry and did extensive performance testing of infrastructure and applications for Dutch Railways. Eric received his MSc at Delft University of Technology. He is also responsible for the bass tone of Nerdalizes daily part-singing lunch announcement, with varying degrees of success.

About Nerdalize
Nerdalize was founded in 2013 to develop a distributed compute cloud in the form of household radiators. The company was accepted by the Yes!Delft incubator 2014 and in March 2015, Nerdalize partnered with Eneco to collaborate on its mission. Nerdalize employs engineers from the fields of aerospace engineering, thermodynamics, and software engineering, and is quickly innovating in computer cooling and cloud technology.

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