Chris Tubbs, Green Hills Software presents about “Thinking about Risk and the IoT”

Chris Tubbs, Business development Director EMEA at Green Hills Software, presents during the Internet of Things Event: “An Army of Malware Infected Toasters –Thinking about Risk and the Internet of Things”.

Often the last thing that is considered when developing a ‘Thing’ is security. Why? Because a ‘Thing’ is often  small and just an everyday device, so why would anyone want to attack it? This talk looks at what the risks are, why ‘Things’ are attractive targets for criminals with the resources to engineer effective attacks and briefly examines mechanisms to prevent them.

“We’re at a crisis point now with regard to the security of embedded systems, where computing is embedded into the hardware itself — as with the Internet of Things. These embedded computers are riddled with vulnerabilities, and there’s no good way to patch them.” — Bruce Schneier

About Chris Tubbs
Chris Tubbs is an industry veteran with 39 years experience in the Avionics, Simulation, Medical, Automotive and Software Industries. After 15 years in the Aerospace industry managing safety critical systems he co- founded companies in the Simulation and Medical Imaging markets in the roles of Commercial and Managing Director. He then spent eight Years in the Automotive industry in Germany and Holland as a Development and Business Development Manager after which he joined Green Hills Software in 2008. Chris was promoted to Director of Business Development EMEA in 2012 since when he has specialized in Safety and Security.

About Green Hills Software
Green Hills Software is the largest independent software vendor for the Internet of Things. Green Hills has a 33-year track record in delivering secure, safe, and reliable embedded solutions for automotive, avionics, consumer, industrial, medical, mobile, and other markets. The INTEGRITY operating system is certified to the highest levels of safety and security and provides a platform for IoT devices. Green Hills has a services group, IoT Security Advisors, comprised of security experts from all of Green Hills’ business units providing security services for organizations that must manage the privacy and security challenges associated with the IoT.

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