Aurelius Wosylus, Gemalto presents: “Developing in the Age of IoT Connectivity”

Aurelius Wosylus, Director Business Development, Embedded Markets & IoT at Gemalto, presents at the Internet of Things Event:  “Developing in the Age of IoT Connectivity”. 

The IoT represents an enormous business opportunity for intelligent device software developers – an opportunity not to be missed. Intelligent devices are becoming an integral part of daily life. From medical equipment to wearable tech, the connectivity capabilities of such devices shift the value from the hardware to the software that controls it. At the same time, connectivity capabilities make the software intellectual property of hardware more vulnerable to security threats.

Therefore, it is crucial that developers protect and secure their software. In this talk, we will introduce technology, tools, and processes available for embedded development environments, used to protect and control intellectual property and its distribution. This technology protects software from reverse engineering and tampering. The audience will learn how this licensing technology is easily integrated via an auto-installer and the benefit this brings to the development environment.

Business models new to the embedded world, made technically possible by licensing, will be introduced and explained as well. Capabilities such as on-the-fly feature management, usage data collection, product activation, and contract enforcement, will covered. Last but not least, developers, by taking advantage of this technology, will benefit from a quicker time to market.

About Aurelius Wosylus
Aurelius Wosylus joined SafeNet in 2012 as Software Monetisation Director Business Development for Embedded Markets and IoT. During his 18-year career in technology, Aurelius has worked for several multinational companies. Previously to working with SafeNet, he was Sales Director EMEA for AMD, where he worked for 7 years. Aurelius started as a lab operator for FEI, and later as a field application engineer for Lattice Semiconductor. He also worked for STMicroelectronics for 5 years as product marketing, then key account sales. Subsequently he held several senior sales leadership positions within EMEA for AMD. Aurelius was also the owner and general manager of Mycon Technologies.

Aurelius has an Engineer Diploma in Electrotechnics from University of Applied Sciences, München, and a Business Administration and Management degree from St. Galler Business School. He specializes in Embedded Markets, IoT and CAS, CRM, customer profile and demand analysis, online marketing and search engine technologies.

About Gemalto’s Sentinel Software Monetization Solutions
Gemalto, through its acquisition of SafeNet, is the market leading provider of software licensing and entitlement management solutions for on-premises, embedded and cloud-based software vendors. Gemalto’s Sentinel is the most trusted brand in the software industry for secure, flexible, and future-proof software monetization solutions.

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