Alex Jonsson of Evothings presents “Hybrid apps for rapid mobile development”

Alex Jonsson presents “Hybrid apps for rapid mobile development” during the Internet of Things Event. Jonsson is CTO and Co-founder of Evothings.

With a hybrid approach to app development, mobile services can be created more efficiently and rather in parallel than in serial with testing with users and trials in the field. Using web technologies as input, applications can is made less specific to a specific client, and easier to target many devices. Choosing HTML5 as a coding language also makes it easier for the industry to use existing in-house resources for covering both the requirements of the IoT industry and knowledge to develop and publish mobile applications for the industrial internet.

alex_leavesAbout Alex Jonsson
Co-founder and CTO of software development company Evothings, supporting companies world-wide with efficient tools and solutions for mobile development targeting the Internet of Things industry. Dr Jonsson has a media industry background, though shifting irreversibly into the mobile domain.

About Evothings
Evothings drives new business and innovation by providing tools and solutions for creating mobile services and applications targeting the Internet of Things industry.

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