“Aireas: developing an IoT system with multi-disciplinary stakeholders” – Presented by Evert van de Waal, Axians

The Aireas system has been monitoring air quality since 2013, using sensor boxes placed in a number of cities. Aireas is carried by a consortium of Industry (Axians, ECN), municipal Government, and Academia (the universities of Utrecht and Enschede). Each party has their own interests.

A viable business case is key for successful cooperation, as well as other factors.

This presentation will give the lessons learnt during this project. Emerging business cases are given. Key success factors are the separation of responsibilities, definition of (simple) protocols, use of standards, and measures to protect the IP of the various parties.

About Evert van de Waal

Evert graduated from Twente University with a MSc in Electrical Engineering. After a brief stint as Research Fellow at Strathclyde University, he discovered his sweet spot in developing ‘technical software’. Since 2001 he has been working as consultant at Axians.

Evert is mainly involved in designing new solutions, giving training and planning new developments.

About Axians

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