“Photonics in Data Streams and Data Centers to enrich and accelerate IoT” – Presented by Jan Mink, VTEC Lasers & Sensors

Photonics is playing the enabling role for sensors and data transport to create the IOT. In this talk we will elaborate on the role of photonics sensors for data generating devices for IOT. Photonics sensing is becoming more important and especially sensors for monitoring the environment are. An example of a fine dust sensor will be given which has enabled community sensing as well as sensing for improving the work conditions in construction work by ISENSIT. Data centers have double growth numbers already and this will continue in the coming years. The datacenters are the physical location for the IOT Cloud.  The data transport is having similar growth numbers and the photonic components are the enablers for the miniaturization, energy reduction and bandwidth needs in the data centers. Examples will be given on these components and the importance of photonics will be described by the unique lasers being developed by VTEC and Sinochip for data transport in data centers.

About Jan Mink

Mr. Jan Mink Founder & CEO graduated cum-laude from the University in Eindhoven (Physics) while working full time with Philips Electronics. After graduation he continued his career at Philips in a number of technical and managerial functions. He was responsible for the R&D department in the management team of Philips Optoelectronics and Philips Flat TV. His next challenge was the founding as co-founder and managing director of Genoa BV in Eindhoven, a subsidiary of the Californian start-up Genoa Corporation, focusing on Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers for Metro applications. After that he re-joined Philips Electronics leading the Sensors and Measurements group at Philips Centre for Fabrication Technologies. In 2004 he co-founded 2M Engineering Ltd. and sold his shares in 2011 to found a new company called VTEC Lasers & Sensors. In VTEC Lasers & Sensors an extensive portfolio of technologies has been developed in the field of photonics, sensors and IOT. To commercialize these technologies new ventures have been founded, first one is ISENSIT. ISENSIT is co-founded with a specialist in branding, marketing and commercialization of big data business. The second company, Sinochip, is co-founded with a partner having an extensive track record in sales and marketing of large volumes of optical components in China and is focused on optical devices for data-transmission in and between data-centers.

About VTEC Lasers & Sensors

VTEC Lasers & Sensors designs, produces and supplies diode lasers, sensors and hardware and software systems based on the best solutions for the customer, a fast and detailed inquiry response based on many years’ experience and an excellent team.  VTEC has more than 25years experience in all fields of optical and sensor technology. The experience has been build up on technical as well as management level at Philips, Genoa Corporation and several start-ups. Currently VTEC works in the field of photonic sensing, components for optical data communication and a data platform for IOT. A new initiative is the DX-Lab to enable fast technical and business prototyping of IOT concepts for start-ups, SMEs, medium sized companies and institutes/universities. In the DX-Lab the partners are guided and supported to create new technologies, applications and business opportunities and concepts on the existing ISENSIT data-platform to enable the shortest time to market.

VTEC is located on STRIJP-S.