“IoT, the game changer for M2M” – Patrik Björkman of Maingate, during the IoT Event

Patrik Björkman, Deputy CEO of Maingate, will present at the Internet of Things Event. Title of his presentation: “IoT the game changer for M2M”.

M2M and IoT are terms and technologies both known since the late 1990’s, but its not until recently the two has gained higher visibility and has become key components as business enablers. Is this a proof of that both M2M and IoT suffers from being unknown by people and organisations outside the telecom & technology industry? The fact is that M2M and IoT is growing closer together and that M2M will play an important role in the development of the future IoT services. Will this change the way M2M services will be provided in order to be part of the new IoT world? As with all maturing value chains, we know that the fundaments will change – technology is just an enabler that will be utilized by the ones creating true business value and a great user experience

002_patrik_bjorkman_02About Patrik Björkman
Patrik Björkman was appointed Deputy CEO in January 2012. Mr Björkman is also responsible for Deputy CEO Office which includes Business Development and Sales. He joined Maingate in November 2009 as Chief Technology Officer. Mr Björkman has more than 20 years of experience working in different management positions. Latest as CIO at Stora Enso AB leading the group IT and its 480 employees, Stora Enso is one of the world largest Forest and Paper industries with an annual sales exceeding Euro 10 Billion in 2010.

About Maingate
Founded in 1998, Maingate is an ICT company, providing M2M Connectivity Services and Information Management Services to customers around Europe. We are a trusted partner to more than 1.000 customers, including leading utilities such as E.ON, Fortum and Vattenfall. We work closely with leading technology partners such as Gemalto, Oberthur, Schneider Electric, Kamstrup, Telia, Tele2 and Deutsche Telekom. Today we connect more than 55 % of all smart meters in Sweden, 20 % of all smart meters in Finland, 70 % of the Point-of-Sales terminals in Sweden and 40 % of all residential alarms in Sweden. Maingate is a company in the Nordic VC Verdane Capital fund VI. Verdane invests in and develops Nordic growth companies and controls, in addition to Maingate, companies like EasyPark and MatHem.

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