“Can you use open design and open source in your business model?” – Presented by Diderik van Wingerden, Totem

The use of open source as integral part of a business model has been well established in software. But can this ‘open innovation’ model cross from the virtual world of bits and bytes to the physical world of atoms? Advantages and disadvantages of using an open source business model for Internet of Things are presented, supported by examples of successful cases.

About Diderik van Wingerden

Diderik is a social entrepreneur and ‘pragmatic idealist’ changing people’s lives for the better, using innovative technologies. His organization Totem develops open source ‘Internet of Things’ products.

About Totem

Open source product development for Internet of Things, from our own initiative and for clients. Finalist UNICEF Wearables for Good Challenge, winner 2014 Medical Delta Award.