Business Innovation by Design Workshop at IoT Event: “Innovation & Ideation for Internet of Things success”

On June 07, Business Innovation by Design will deliver a workshop on “Innovation & Ideation for Internet of Things success” at the Internet of Things Event 2016. The IoT event will take place on June 07-08, at High Tech Campus Eindhoven in The Netherlands.

Workshop content overview 

The innovation & creative design thinking process is user-centered and innovation driven. As a participant, you will be part of small teams 2-3 people and work through a series of short hands-on innovation challenges. At the end, you will walk away with a strong understanding of how to start with a user centered innovation design approach, the key tenets of trends & customer design thinking – and be able to execute these into new ideas for your internet of things apps & services for your organization.

Workshop Programme: (90 min.)

1. Introduction: Business Innovation By Design (10min.) / Tjerja Geerts

With this fast-paced, intense and hands-on 90 min. workshop, you will learn to anticipate disruption, create innovative ideas in a structured approach so you can become the next game-changer yourself.

Successful design-driven companies use design to differentiate, gain competitive advantage, and become high-growth market leaders through continuous innovation. With the multidisciplinary toolkit of, you learn how to start – and how to achieve the best result for a succesful IoT innovation.

In small teams (2-3 persons), you will practice the essential creative skills to discover new opportunities and to turn these into real valuable innovations for your internet of things audience.


2. Understand the right context: Trends (10 min.) / Tjerja Geerts

We’ll show you how to identify future trends impacting your product in the internet of things industry, by looking through the 5 lenses of Social, Technological, Economical, Environmental & Political.

You will map relevant trends on the hype cycle and select trends in the emerging, through of ordeal and matured – to anticipate and build upon as market opportunity.


3. Who is your client? – Explorative & Validation (10 min.) / Tjerja Geerts

Traditional technology companies work inside-out. We help you do the opposite and define your user segment of a market opportunity.

To understand your IoT end-user better, you’ll put a face to your customer with persona’s to adapt to their very different lives, the challenges they face and the values they apply.

We show you how you can identify needs & wants to invent outside-in. We will help you find and create valuable solutions to real life problems instead of trying to push your IoT technology.


4. Ideation for Internet of Things (10 min.) / Rex Bierlaagh

Lateral thinking is a structured and fun way of creative thinking. You will learn a new powerful way of thinking to come up with groundbreaking new ideas and unorthodox solutions. Many entrepreneurs simply fail because they get stuck in their traditional thinking patterns. These same patterns limit innovation and creativity.

Successful innovation starts by a clear defined challenge and by generating a lot of ideas. One idea is not good enough. 100 ideas is a good start with maybe 8 successful product or service launches. One of the most significant benefits of developing lateral thinking is the ability to find many new solutions to any complex Internet of Things related problems fast – that are also far more superior to other solutions.


5. IoT Ideation session – group assignment (40 min.) / Rex & Tjerja

In a series of short workshop assignments, you will learn and experience a deliberate, well-planned and systematic process that will result in creative thinking and problem solving abilities you can use for Internet of Things innovations.

We help you pick your theme, situation, location, explorative outcome… and teach you ways how you can generate an explosion of groundbreaking new creative ideas from trends and insights. Fast & laser sharp. In small teams, you will learn how to create much more value with new Internet of Things ideas and applications for your customers.


6. Completion: next steps (10 min.) / Rex & Tjerja

Based on the workshop outcomes; we will show you practical next steps how you can accelerate your Internet of Things idea into reality with the help of Business Innovation By Design – Sprint programmes and additional ideation workshops.

Is this workshop right for you?

This workshop program is custom designed for startups, entrepreneurs, SME’s and executives who are responsible for tackling new creative Internet of Things challenges. People who are responsible for R&D, strategy/concepting, business development & new marketing offerings for the marketplace, as well as those developed for internal constituencies.

The workshop uses strategic components from BID and trainings from TWNQL

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