Brenno de Winter, Journalist, Will Speak about “Security and Internet of Things” at the IoT Event 2016

Brenno de Winter, Journalist, Will Speak about “Security and Internet of Things” at the Internet of Things Event 2016, which will take place on June 07-08, at High Tech Campus Eindhoven in The Netherlands. This key note is made possible by Altran Netherlands B.V.

About Brenno de Winter

Brenno de Winter is a research journalist and is known to the public for writing about privacy and security related matters for websites such as and He initiated ‘Lektober’, which entailed a privacy leak every day of the month. This led to a national discussion about the poor state of data protection in the Netherlands. His quirky, sharp, simple and clear approach of complex matters make him a popular speaker. De Winter was named journalist of the year 2011 by the magazine ‘Villamedia’, he mainly won because of his scoop about the OV-chipcard and the failures in the security of government websites.

About Altran

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