TNO demonstrates DynAA at exhibition of ISN Conference

About DynAA: Answering the societal challenges of our age requires comprehensive monitoring and management of large-scale, interacting, complex processes (e.g. mobility, environment, energy, public safety, etc.). Large and interconnected device networks will form the fabric for measuring, interpreting, and influencing life.

This fabric will enable new applications, such as autonomous driving, self-monitoring structures, and fully automated production lines. The design of systems of these types poses new challenges both for the signal processing and system architecture aspects.

DynAA is a computer-aided analysis and design tool for the development of large, distributed, adaptive, and networked systems. It combines the best of network and system simulation technologies to offer a unified design experience and automatic design optimization. DynAA provides a simple, yet powerful language able to describe large and complex system architectures, and defines innovative constructs to express adaptation mechanisms of the system, such as dynamic parameterization, and functional and architectural reconfiguration.

For more details please visit the DynAA web site.