Priva will be present at ISN Conference on November the 12th!

Theo Rieswijk, Innovator Control Systems at Priva will be talking about Less Energy and Better Comfort Utility Buildings with Sensor Networks

E-reading en Tablet EventThe energy use of a utility building is strongly related to the comfort of its occupants. Furthermore, an increase in comfort for the occupants contributes significantly to their productivity. Wouldn’t it be nice to save energy and at the same time to improve the comfort of the occupants? An important enabler for solving this challenge is the use of wireless sensor networks. Priva and NXP participate in the UCER project, a research project within the TKI Energy subsidy scheme to address this opportunity. Other consortium partners in project UCER are: Vabi, Kropman, TNO, Maastricht University, Delft University of Technology and Eindhoven University of Technology.


About Theo Rieswijk

Education: o 1987: MSc “adaptive control and expert systems”, at the Control Group of the Faculty of Electrotechnology of the Delft University of Technology; o 1992: PhD “Robot Trajectory Planning, a model based geometrically constrained approach” at the Control Group of the Faculty of Electrotechnology of the Delft University of Technology;

Experience: o 1992: Project Manager of product development project at Priva, De Lier, The Netherlands; o 2008: Innovator Control Systems at Priva, De Lier, The Netherlands.


About Priva
Priva is a family owned company limited by shares with expertise in hardware, software and services for climate and process control. Priva is a key player in the field of automated climate and process control, in the Horticultural market and the market for Living and Working Environments. The Living and Working Environment division is specialized in Building Management Systems (BMS). Priva products and services are delivered in more than 72 countries via a worldwide dealer network. Priva objective is to create a healthy, comfortable, productive environment in any building or production process while managing resources, nature and the environment with the utmost care. At Priva more than 400 employees are working in 8 offices worldwide.


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