Mehdi Alhaddad, PhD Researcher at CSIC, University of Cambridge, Presents: “Who Moved My Tunnel”

Over the last few years Mehdi Alhaddad has developed a new photogrammetric system which has been designed to monitor tunnel deformation with an unprecedented precision. This system, CSattAR, has been installed in a number of tunnels to monitor their integrity of their structure while other construction activities were taking place nearby. This includes monitoring operational London Underground tunnels, and other underground spaces that were affected by the excavation of Crossrail project. CSattAR has been shortlisted for several international awards relating to tunnelling and construction industries.

Mehdi Alhaddad will be presenting an overview of CSattAR and will explain the values and advantages of implementing this new system inside tunnels. He will demonstrate some new observations that were made possible because of using such precise system and explain how such systems can enhance the safety of our current construction procedures and how they can help us understand the behaviour of our infrastructure assets during construction.

About Mehdi Alhaddad

Mehdi Alhaddad is currently a PhD researcher at Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction – University of Cambridge. His areas of research include implementing ground breaking technologies in the monitoring of our infrastructure (during construction as well as during their life time). He is the founder of CSattAR which specialises in structural health monitoring of tunnels using photogrammetric techniques.

About CSIC

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