Inmotio will talk about elite sports training at the next level

Edward de Boer, Managing Director at Inmotio Object Tracking BV will talke about elite sports training at the next level at the ISN Conference on November the 12th.

E-reading en Tablet EventThe Inmotio system is the world’s first RFID based tracking system that is used on a day-by-day basis in elite sports such as football, speed skating, Ice Hockey, American Football etc. The precision of the real time available data goes far beyond other systems such as video and GPS-systems. The Inmotio system application shows that these types of systems are here to stay. I will show practical examples coming from users such as PSV, Ajax, Bayern Munich etc. I will show how the technology has also made its way to other (non-sport) applications.


About Edward de Boer

Edward de Boer received his MSc degree in electrical engineering from the Technical University Delft (Netherlands) in 1999. In 2006 after having worked for both KPN Research and TNO, he has founded Inmotio as a joint venture of Abatec Electronics and TNO.


About Inmotio

Inmotio develops RFID based sports tracking systems. Inmotio is a part of the Austria-based firm Inmotiotec GmbH, a part of the Abatec Group AG


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