Experience cooperative driving during the ISN conference!

Visitors of the ISN conference are offered a unique opportunity: to drive along in a platoon of cooperative cars across the High Tech Campus. These cars will demonstrate platooning (fully automated vehicle following at close range), automatic steering and more complex maneuvers such as splitting and merging.

In the future these systems will ensure not only a reduction in traffic jams but also lower fuel consumption levels and, therefore, cleaner and cheaper driving, shorter journey times, safer driving and extra comfort. One thing is certain: cooperative driving will be a key aspect of future car-driving, part of our everyday lives in years to come.

Good to know: there is only a limited number of seats available.

The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, TNO, is developing a low cost cooperative adaptive cruise control (CACC) technology. CACC allows for very small headway times and hence has the potential to reduce fuel consumption and emissions as well as improving road space utilisation. The CACC technology will be live demonstrated with a test fleet of three Toyota Prius cars in which factory-fitted long-range radar is used together with short-range wireless vehicle-to-vehicle communications (802.11p and ETSI Geonet) and GPS based location, to enable CACC. Control of each of the vehicles is achieved through interaction with the CAN bus in order to manage acceleration and deceleration directly through the hybrid powertrain’s own control system. The CACC control strategy aims to optimise the collective behaviour of participating vehicles in order to safely allow significant reductions in inter-vehicle spacing while providing a comfortable experience for drivers. This includes, for example, the avoidance of oscillations of the ad-hoc platoon and the management of issues of signal degradation and of merging in and out at junctions. At ISN 2014 this advanced system will be live demonstrated with three of TNO’s Prius vehicles equipped with CACC. Also advanced maneuvers like lane change, gap creation and merging are being developed by TNO and will be demonstrated, to show how a fleet of CACC equipped cars can interact in regular traffic circumstances.