Essensium talks about using an RTL5 wireless sensor network!

Using an RTL5 wireless sensor network to track vehicles, assets and staff in warehouse and yard logistics environments, that is what Stephen Dunphy of Essensium will talk about during his presentation at the ISN Conference.

E-reading en Tablet EventAfter a brief introduction to Essensium’s LOST RTLS technology for accurate and robust position tracking of wireless sensors, we will use real world examples to discuss the challenges met and solutions found when implementing wireless sensor tracking systems in difficult industrial and commercial environments. Case study details and video examples will cover a selection of environments from airfields to container terminals and from distribution centre warehouses to automobile processing sites. The applications discussed will include track and trace of forklift trucks, container handling equipment and other vehicles in order to provide operational visibility and logistic efficiencies. In addition, we will discuss the implementation of collision avoidance safety systems which operate both between vehicles and between vehicles and pedestrian staff.


About Stephen Dunphy
Stephen Dunphy is an experienced cross-functional manager in high technology environments, with a background covering Marketing, Product Strategy, Product Development and Engineering. He is passionate about taking a wholistic cross-functional approach combining strategy and business development together with engineering responsibilities. With a strong history in microchip and electronic systems development, wireless technologies, RFID and Real Time Location Systems, he represents Essensium as Business Development Manager.


About Essensium

Essensium is a young Belgian high tech company with a unique expertise resulting in a revolutionary positioning product enabling accurate traceability of assets and people via wireless sensors.

Founded in 2005 as a spinoff from the IMEC, Essensium has focused on designing and developing products for Wireless Sensor Networks. Essensium’s LOST RTLS solution combines high positional accuracy with long range of operation and an easy to install infrastructure. Applications include asset and people tracking in multiple sectors from logistics to healthcare, indoors and outdoors, to improve operational efficiency, process visibility and safety and to lower the cost of operations.


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