Coöperation DevLab will be speaking at ISN Conference!

Lex van Gijsel, Managing Director at DevLab will be speaking about Self-organizing indoor lighting control with mesh network during the ISN Conference.

E-reading en Tablet EventThe paradigm of self-organizing, self-deploying mesh networks is now evolving to self-organizing functionality, such as lighting control in indoor environments. The presentation will give some insights, first: in the working principle of self-organizing networks and second: the approach taken in the development of a self-organizing control mechanism for indoor lighting. The advantages of this approach are numerous, like ease of deployment, adaptability to user needs and changing environmental conditions such as daylight and reconfiguration of the internal architecture of the office space.


About Lex van Gijsel
After receiving his Master of Science degree at the University of Technology Eindhoven, Lex van Gijsel started his professional career at the National Aerospace Laboratory on the development and operational deployment of airborne measurement systems in aircraft and helicopters for test and certification flight trials. At Philips Health Care he started as a system architect and moved to the position of department manager in the product development of complex MRI scanners. Before he was appointed as the general manager of DevLab he worked as project manager for DAF trucks and ASML. Since 2009 he is responsible for the management of the Cooperation DevLab, Development Laboratories.


About DevLab
DevLab, founded in 2004, is a collaboration of 12 SME companies in the field of industrial electronics. The goal of the cooperation is to create (inter)national business on the mid term by collaborative research. In order to reach this goal DevLab collaborates with knowledge institutes, like the three Universities of Technology in the Netherlands (Eindhoven, Delft and Twente), the Vrije University of Amsterdam and a number of Universities of Applied Science throughout the country.Over the last years the focus of DevLab research is in the field of wireless sensor networks. Within this scope new concepts are researched and developed based on the principles of self organization, inspired by biological organisms and systems. After 5 years of research in this field DevLab member companies are currently in the phase of bringing the first products to the market place based on the technologies developed within DevLab.


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