Let This Intelligent Oven Cook All Your Meals For You

The big metal fire box in the middle of your kitchen hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years. Some convection fans here, some LED displays there, but otherwise, the trusty range remains largely untouched by the increasingly connected march of technology.

The June Intelligent Oven wants to be the biggest game-changer in the kitchen since the microwave oven. Created by a team that brought the iPhone, the FitBit, the GoPro, and Lyft to market, the June Intelligent Oven is the first oven that can see what you’re trying to cook, then do it for you, no matter how clueless you are in the kitchen.

“Technologically, there hasn’t been much innovation in the kitchen since the 1970s,” says June co-founder Matt van Horn. “The kitchens inMad Men are virtually identical to the ones we have today.” After meeting fellow June co-founder and ex-Apple engineer Nikhil Bhogal at the alternate social network Path, the two decided to launch June. … (read more)

Source: DastCoDesign.com