From Innovation to Marketing: Understanding Technology Cycles

It seems as though the past year I’ve heard a lot of early adopters — especially the tech media — complain about the lack of innovation coming from the tech industry

Now, we can define innovation in many different ways; ways in which even simple improvements can be innovative. But I think it’s important to point out that true limit-pushing, groundbreaking innovation is cyclical, not annual. We are coming off the reinvention of two primary technologies’ categories: the smartphone and the tablet. Furthermore, we are in the midst of redefining what a personal computer is, does, and looks like. Of course, I believe innovation is still around the corner but I think there are some important market truths that need to be pointed out.

Innovations fail if they can not be marketed. Sometimes I think the importance of effective marketing is taken for granted. I think many industry observers simply assume that when something innovative is released that everyone will magically understand it right away. The truth is that even the simplest innovations need effective marketing if they are to be embraced by the mass market.

This is the cycle we currently find ourselves in. This is why it actually becomes much easier to discern the winners and losers by judging not just the products, but also the marketing. Great products have the potential to fail to gain mind share by the mass market thanks to poor marketing, while at the same time, bad products do not get embraced by the mass market even with great marketing. Great products require great marketing.

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