Connected device specialist concedes TV’s dominance in catch-up TV

Independent research from connected home technology provider Twonky has revealed just how far the connected device industry has to go to compete effectively with the humble TV set even in connected homes

Even though, says the survey of 1,000 people conducted by Redshift Research, just over two-fifths of UK viewers have downloaded at least one streaming TV app from services such as the BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, Netflix, and 4oD, over half of UK viewers prefer to watch catch-up TV on the big screen and fewer than a fifth say that convenience is more important than screen size.

The research offers some clues as to why this may be: respondents indicated a number of gating factors to streaming in general, exacerbated on mobile use, including slow broadband speed leading to frequent buffering (46%), too frequent or repetitive ad breaks (26%) and content of Internet TV applications being perceived as lower in quality than TV (17%).

Commenting on the results, Jerome Rota, senior vice president, consumer products and services at Twonky parent company PacketVideo, said: “After such a focus on mobility in 2012, we were slightly surprised by the results of this research but not entirely shocked. Although entertainment on-the-go is a convenient development, larger screens still provide the best user viewing experience. Consuming media on a large screen allows for a better quality of viewing and a more social experience. The Internet is full of high quality of content with the added benefit of anytime viewing.”

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