Remote monitoring solution for patients with implanted cardiac devices

by Sorin Group and Orange Business Service in Europe 
Using the SMARTVIEW remote monitoring solution, healthcare providers can now access valuable cardiac data and alert messages from Sorin’s implantable PARADYMTM RF devices, while the patient is at home. Combined with remote data transmission, the intelligent proprietary features embedded in Sorin’s CRM devices offer advanced diagnostic capabilities and early detection of cardiac disease progression for enhanced patient management. For patients, the SMARTVIEW remote monitoring solution can reduce time spent travelling to their clinic for routine device checks .

The simple installation of the easy-to-use SMARTVIEW remote monitoring system at the patient’s home is assisted by a dedicated helpdesk powered by Orange Business Services and Sorin. Developed using worldwide best practices, this unique technical set-up assistance provides patients with peace of mind and removes the installation workload from healthcare professionals.

SMARTVIEW uses a global, scalable e-health platform from Orange Business Services, backed by the global reach of the Orange network. Healthcare providers can access important clinical insights through a secure 24/7 Web application that provides a user-friendly interface with patient data hosted in Orange’s secure data centers. This platform is made possible by Orange’s strong in-house e-health capabilities, e-health systems integration expertise, and extensive machine-to-machine (M2M) capabilities.

Remote monitoring is designed to facilitate the follow-up care of patients by transmitting data electronically from patients’ implanted cardiac devices to their physicians. Using these valuable data, healthcare providers may detect potential health issues before they become life-threatening and provide timely therapy. This may reduce the need for hospitalization and improve the patients’ quality of life.
Patients with CRM devices require regular check-ups with their physicians to ensure their devices are functioning properly and the appropriate therapy is being delivered. Managing a growing number of patients implanted with CRM devices, as well as the related follow-up, is increasingly demanding for clinicians. Remote monitoring systems which provides physicians access to comprehensive cardiac data recorded by the implanted device while the patient is at home, represents a significant milestone in patient management.