The “fly-away” phenomenon is not specific to any particular UAV community.

The constant in all communities is that there is not enough data on hand to help understand what causes them.

To an end user a “fly-away” can be embarrassing, scary, and eye opening all at the same time. As a first hand witness to one I can also attest to the fact that there is a certain helplessness felt as you watch a bird liberate itself to the heavens. In that split second, your heart sinks, your copters life flashes before your eyes and you go into instant panic mode wondering where it will land. Zen and I wish that feeling upon no one and as such we want to help get a handle on what causes these events.

One thing that we noticed is that there seemed to be no community neutral ground for reporting “fly-away” occurrences. In various forums users that have lost control of their gear are often ridiculed by their RC peers or encouraged to remove what they share for the good of the community. Oddly enough often “safety” is cited as a reason to temper this type of post. We really feel that this behavior is  in general counterproductive to the community at large. If we as a community do not collect data on the common causes of “fly-away” gear there is no way we will ever get to the point of understanding them.


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Source: sUAS News