Google’s New Cyborg Glasses Are The Creepiest Tech of the Millenium

We’ve seen plenty of dystopian tech since 2000. Phones that track and record your every movement. Drones that stalk and kill people. An enormous database of your feelings, ruthlessly exploited for commercial purposes. But the “Google Goggles” unveiled today take creepy tech to the next level (VIDEO).
Sure, the devices, as described today by the New York Times Bits blog, sound like a gadget-lovers wet dream. A prototype version looks far nerdier than any bluetooth earpiece, but “stream information to the lenses and allow the wearer to send and receive messages through voice commands. There is also a built-in camera to record video and take pictures.” So the company already (in)famous for how much data it has collected on each of us, and how aggressively it has begun to leverage that data, will be in a position to literally know not only where you are but everything you look at.

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