European project reaches milestone enabling item-level RFID tags

Holst Centre, imec, Evonik Industries AG, and PolyIC and their partners in the EU FP7 project ORICLA have fabricated the world’s first RFID (radio frequency identification) circuit made in low-temperature thin-film technology that allows reader-talks-first communication.

The technology behind this prototype is indispensable to create RFID tags that are cheap enough and have enough performance to be used as intelligent item-level tags on the packaging of retail consumer goods. Such tags can be used to provide buyers with information on e.g. price, characteristics, or freshness, or to allow vendors to implement automated billing and inventory management.

Thin-film RFID chips are made on plastic foil, with organic or oxide thin-film semiconductors. Until now, RFID tags with such thin-film chips on plastic were based on a tag-talks-first principle: as soon as the RFID tag gets powered from the RF field of the RFID reader, it transmits its code to the reader.

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Source: Dutch High Tech Systems