A Look At The New Kinect For Smartphones

PrimeSense, makers of technology inside Microsoft’s Kinect, have revealed their latest 3-D sensor, small enough to fit in tablets and smartphones (VIDEO)

Microsoft’s Kinect is incredible technology, but only part of its potential is realized in the living room. That’s a shame. Because beyond gaming and entertainment, there are countless potential uses for its figure recognition and gesture controls in the rest of our world.

Now PrimeSense, the company behind Kinect’s mojo, has released new details on their upcoming sensor that will live in the market beyond Microsoft. It’s called Capri. And the biggest improvement is that the hardware has been reduced to 1/10th the size of PrimeSense’s old sensor. That means it’s small enough to fit in tablets, smartphones, and pretty much anywhere else you can imagine. The only sacrifice PrimeSense made for the size is that Kinect’s RGB camera is gone. So all Capri sees is black and white 3-D (no color).

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Source: Co.Design