Smartphone and tablet detection by libelium

The new Meshlium Xtreme allows to detect iPhone and Android devices and in general any device which works with Wifi or Bluetooth interfaces.

These devices can be detected without the need of being connected to an specific Access Point, enabling the detection of any Smartphone, laptop or handsfree device which comes into the coverage area of Meshlium.

The idea is to be able to measure the amount of people and cars which are present in a certain point at a specific time, allowing the study of the evolution of the traffic congestion of pedestrians and vehicles.

Users have to do nothing to be detected as the Wifi and Bluetooth radios integrated in their Smartphones periodically send a “hellow!” message telling about their presence.

The information read from each user contains:

  • The MAC address of the wireless interface, which allows to identify it uniquely.
  • The strength of the signal (RSSI), which gives us the average distance of the device from the scanning point.
  • The vendor of the Smartphone (Apple, Nokia, etc)
  • The Wifi Access Point where the user is connected (if any) and the Bluetooth friendly name. Users no connected to an AP will be showed as “free users”.
  • The Class of Device (CoD) in case of Bluetooth which allows us to differentiate the type of device (Smartphone, Handsfree, Computer, LAN/Network AP). With this parameter we can differentiate among pedestrians and vehicles.