GE’s Modular Single Board Computer Family First to Enable Optimum Price/Performance, Extend Product Life through Easily Upgraded Technology

Scalable solutions enable organizations to keep pace with increasing performance demands of today’s connected world. Modular SBC family helps maximize long term value of assets and equipment. New platforms take advantage of GE’s experience in SBCs and COM Express technology to deliver high performance, flexibility, easy upgradability, cost-effectiveness

GE Intelligent Platforms (NYSE: GE) today announced a further development in its strategy to deliver high performance solutions for the connected world with the launch of the industry’s first family of modular single board computers (SBCs) designed specifically to deliver high performance over the long term with minimal expense and low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Single board computers can play a critical role in processing the significant amounts of data that characterize the connected world, and in ensuring that data is directed to where it is required in the shortest possible time. They are at the heart of many of the world’s most complex, most sophisticated, most demanding data-driven networks. The modularity that is at the heart of GE’s new family of SBCs will allow them to deliver the highest levels of functionality and performance over longer periods of deployment and at lower cost than is possible with current monolithic single board computer designs.

GE’s vision for the advanced industrial and commercial networks of today’s connected world sees powerful, intelligent embedded computing subsystems interconnected to provide high performance, high speed nodes that can help transform business operations,” said Vibhoosh Gupta, Product Management Leader, GE Intelligent Platforms. “Single board computers have long been favored in these environments – but this new family of solutions from GE will make them an even more compelling choice.”

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