Elster Solutions Introduces Callisto

Elster Solutions announced the introduction of Callisto, a new Grid Performance System that transforms how utilities optimize their Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems, which play a key role in Smart Grid deployments

Callisto, Elster’s latest AMI innovation, goes beyond standard functionality to elevate data into information that supports actionable intelligence without the significant expense and frustration of buying and integrating specialized applications.

“The original driver for most AMI investments was meter-to-cash revenue recognition,” said Joe Orlando , Vice President Strategy, Elster Solutions. “Now, it is about realizing additional benefits from the investment in infrastructure and the wealth of data it creates for utilities. With a new focus ‘above the meter,’ Callisto supports our customers’ desire to have greater transparency and access to the information their AMI infrastructure can provide.”

Elster’s Callisto was designed to help utilities analyze events such as outages, transformer overloading, voltage behaviors, losses, demand response, load control and much more. Based on a modular and expandable architecture, Callisto empowers utilities of any size to build on a Meter Data Collection (MDC) and Meter Data Management (MDM) feature-rich platform through a series of optional “Stackable Answers™.” Callisto provides the access to the data, information and analytics typically only available at a higher cost and through a significantly complex series of disparate systems.

Callisto, with its innovative, easy-to-use user experience (UX), has a stackable plug-and-play modularity, demonstrating an industry breakthrough designed to help utilities reduce their risk, reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and achieve the exact functionality desired. The monitoring and notification capabilities built into Callisto are designed for the ease of operation that utilities will want for all of their day-to-day activities.

Additionally, utility executives will be able to quickly and easily assess operational performance and make decisions with greater confidence around opportunities, leading to improved business operations, such as better economic control of voltage levels and associated savings; losses from theft; savings from predictive actions in transformer maintenance and outage management. Numerous additional applications are included in the long term portfolio strategy for Callisto.

When more capability and capacity is desired, Elster has collaborated with the world’s best-in-class application providers for additional capabilities that deliver answers to specific challenges. Well-known companies, including ABB, SAIC, Dominion Voltage Inc, and Milsoft, have joined with Elster to make this vision a reality for utilities. Ensuring a focus on specific challenges, Callisto delivers practical answers to specific problems. Callisto encourages utilities to apply answers at a pace and time that suits them and their budgets. This approach readily assures an attractive TCO, making for a better Return on Investment (ROI) experience.

Orlando continued, “Built on Elster’s proven capability and product portfolio, with more than 100 deployed systems currently in operation, Callisto provides the answers utilities and communities require to be successful. This is what our customers expect from Elster and a taste of what we will deliver in the future.”