Arduino-Laden Building Blocks Add Digital Effects To Basic Games (VIDEO)

Designed by digital media student Felix Heibeck at the University of Bremen, Cuboino is a digital extension of the classic marble-game cuboro. Heibeck’s creation consists of a set of cubes that are seamlessly compatible with the original cuboro cubes. When the cubes are snapped together, the player can build a modular system that incorporates the same functioning features of the regular toy.

These Cuboino modules adopted sensor cubes, actor cubes and supple cubes, all of which play a pivotal role in changing the pathway of the marble. Instead of manually adjusting the cubes, the Cuboino utilizes sensors and Arduino code to create more dynamic and complex marble releases. A series of definitive frequencies are shared among the cubes, allowing the system to create an infinity loop where cubes consistently send messages to one another.


To elaborately create a working model, Heibeck designed ten different cube types: Button-Sensor Cube, Light Sensor Cube, Audio Sensor Cube, Marble Sensor Cube and the related Actor Cubes including Light Actor Cube, Sound Actor Cube, Shunting Switch Cube, Marble Release Cube. There is also an Energy Cube and a Connection Cube.

To find out more about his project, you can read his thesis here.

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