FactoryLab is Silver Partner of Intelligent Sensor Networks Conference

FactoryLab is Silver Partner of Intelligent Sensor Networks Conference, which will take place on Nov 15, 2016, at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

About FactoryLab
FactoryLab is a manufacturer of microelectronics and data logging systems. Our hardware is integrated in solar-based systems in the maritime and offshore industry. We create embedded software, provide data logging and communication. FactoryLab enables remote monitoring of industrial systems through custom-based dashboards.

About Intelligent Sensor Networks (ISN) Conference
Sensors and sensor networks are becoming more and more essential for industrial or business use. Real time information from ‘the real world’ to support decision making and control of vital processes will be an integral part of business processes.

The 7th edition of the international Intelligent Sensor Networks Conference will focus on the following areas:

  • Industrial Internet / Smart industry / Industry 4.0 (Industrial process control)
  • Smart logistics
  • Smart infrastructure (Structural Health Monitoring / predictive maintenance for buildings, bridges, windturbines, machines and many more)

We invite you to explore the conference website for more information about the program and registration.