How energy harvesting can make the Internet of Things happen

Energy harvesting wireless is just starting to unfold its potential. The rapid improvement of components and system design setup will open up new applications in many aspects of life. Together with the Internet moving towards IPv6, the batteryless approach can even lay the foundation for an Internet of Things.

Energy is everywhere within reach, it just needs to be harvested: this is the principle of energy harvesting. Today, energy harvesting wireless solutions are already well established in the commercial building automation sector. Here, batteryless sensors, switches and actuators provide the needed data to control a building’s energy consumption for an improved carbon footprint and to increase comfort and security. The self-powered devices demonstrate their benefits by being highly flexible and easy to position or to remove, operating maintenance-free and performing robustly.

But the technology is just getting started. New application fields for batteryless wireless communication will be found to further enhance the world around us. This becomes particularly true in connection with the Internet turning to a new decade. This development is directly related to IPv6, the next generation of Internet protocol that provides an almost unlimited number of IP addresses. … (Read more)