Workshop Adding value in Health Care, by Designthinkers Group

The role of service design thinking is to improve complex health care service delivery systems
Between 11:00 and 12:30 hands-on Co-Creation Session hosted by Tim Schuurman, Marieke van Dijk and Johannes van den Eerenbeemt

Our aim is a human centered healthcare service delivery system that corresponds to the real needs of patients and their relatives and that guarantees accessible healthcare for all in an ever more constraining environment. Health care faces enormous challenges; an aging population, rising healthcare costs, an increase of people with a chronic disease, and differences in the knowledge, self support and needs of patients. We believe that patient centered design, innovation and creativity is necessary to solve these big challenges in healthcare. Service design thinking is an approach for innovating service delivery. Service Design Thinking is human (patient) centered, creative, and uses visualisation, and prototyping.

Join us for a hands-on Co-Creation Session and discover the value of Service Design Thinking tools and mindset. In this high energy session we will introduce you to human centered design, personas and journey mapping. Health Care should be all about creating real value with and for people. You will be challenged to create innovative concepts which are both valuable and human.

Johannes van den Eerenbeemt
Associate DesignThinkers group / Health Care Professional
Health Professional, Co-Founder of CareToDesign and motivated to make some real changes in Health Care. With a background in Health Sciences he started his career at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. As an entrepreneur he now contributes with creative solutions to solve the big challenges in health care at the level of the care provider.
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Tim Schuurman
Partner DesignThinkers group
An experienced and result oriented Allround Professional with a strong Commercial Drive. He is used to act as a business partner in both corporate and governmental (global) environments. Specialist
in the area of Service Design, Government, Telecommunications and Local Media. A motivator and teamplayer who excels in providing conditions for professionals to be successful.
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Marieke van Dijk
Senior Associate DesignThinkers group
Marieke is an Innovation Management Consultant with experience in managing complex (creative/digital) teams and projects. Marieke is lead designer for the Digital Methods Initiative, currently involved in the European research project, Electronic Maps to Assist Public Science (EMAPS), she is also a principal affiliate of the Foundation. Marieke earned her M.Sc. in Design Research and a B.Sc. in Industrial Design from the Design Academy in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
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