Europe wants to smash ‘barriers’ to digital health

As the rise in mobile, connected health management services creates an ehealth boom in the US, Europe launches a strategy to upgrade health systems it concedes are stuck in the 20th century.

One of the next hot areas of digital investment is connected health management. The number of apps that help empowered patients take charge of their own conditions is growing, and investors are piling in.

But that growth is uneven. Whilst the sector is taking off in the United States, Europe acknowledges “barriers” remain. So the European Commission has drawn up an “action plan” to improve prospects. That plan aims, by 2020, to:

  • specify the structure of patient record data that can be exchanged across borders
  • improved patients’ digital health literacy
  • develop a mobile health green paper by 2014
  • improved the market conditions for ehealth entrepreneurs
  • and more.

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