A New Frontier: OpenSignal Creates Crowdsourced Sensor Network

You have a smartphone, tablet and probably now, these days, a Fitbit or a smartwatch. Maybe you are an an early adopter or sports addict and have a sports shirt with sensors in it. All of these things, plus cameras, navigational devices, are full of sensors. All kinds of sensors and lots of sensors – somewhere between 15-20 sensors on each smartphone today.

There are sensors to detect GPS/location, the orientation of the mobile device (gyroscope), barometric sensors to assess the GPS to find altitude then there are sensors for humidity, pressure and proximity sensors, ambient light sensors, UV light sensors and motion /gesture sensors.

A sensor in a mobile phone could equate to the organs inside your body, they all work together to create a mobile device that literally senses the environment or changes in the environment around you and communicates that back to the phone to do what it needs to do. Sensors will make our smartphones smarter. … (Read more)

A visualisation of everywhere that Open Signals' sensor network is gathering data in one single 24 hour period.

Source: Forbes.com