Private Industry Has A Role To Play In Developing Smart Cities

Private industry, seeing the potential for new revenue streams and aiming to capitalize on consumer’s interest in all things digital, is eyeing opportunities to engage and collaborate with city decision-makers on smart city initiatives. Cities, in turn, recognize the need to improve their health, safety and economic welfare.

Increasingly, more examples are arising on partnerships between private companies and municipalities on developing ways to make cities more livable, sustainable and resilient.

“One of those fundamental questions facing both municipal governments and utility leaders is how does a networked city engage its citizens and help private industry thrive?” said Rick Azer, Director of Development for Black & Veatch’s Smart Integrated Infrastructure service line. “Leaders are trying to create environments where investments in smart infrastructure, transportation and public safety serve as incentives for job creation and growth.”

Azer noted that the trend toward increased urbanization has put pressure on municipalities around the world to provide robust infrastructure to support growing demand for housing, municipal services and efficient transportation. Communities also seek solutions to quality of life concerns such as reliable water and power, and increasingly, broadband access. … (read more)