FPC and Nok Nok Labs Deliver Infrastructure for Fingerprint-Based Strong Authentication

Fingerprint Cards (FPC) and Nok Nok Labs today announced an end-to-end infrastructure solution for strong and simple online authentication using fingerprint sensors on smartphones and tablets.

“Through this partnership, we offer mobile and tablet OEMs the ability to quickly integrate FPC‘s swipe and touch-based fingerprint sensors that are now also enabled for strong online authentication,“ said Jӧrgen Lantto, Executive Vice President, CTO and Head of Strategy and Product Management at FPC. “This solution is the first result of our collaborative efforts to support the FIDO Alliance and is intended to help the alliance achieve its mission to transform the nature of online authentication, and to enable our customers to be part of its ecosystem.“

“Nok Nok Labs‘ Multifactor Authentication Server allows any company to rapidly integrate smartphones and tablets using FPC‘s fingerprint sensors into their online authentication experience and minimize their reliance on weak passwords,“ said Phillip Dunkelberger, President and CEO, Nok Nok Labs. “Companies can now use fingerprint-based authentication as an ‘ignition key‘ to create new classes of innovative and unique mobile experiences. Services such as mobile payments and user personalization can be implemented in ways that are more natural, faster and secure than before.“

The two companies have initially implemented the joint solution utilizing the FPC1080 fingerprint sensor, Nok Nok Labs’ client and server technology, and commercially available Android smartphones using the FPC1080 fingerprint sensor in order to demonstrate readiness to support the emerging FIDO-based ecosystem. As members of the FIDO Alliance, FPC and Nok Nok Labs are helping to define the FIDO Alliance’s standards for universal strong authentication and are committed to supporting market adoption of the FIDO standard.

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Source: news.gnom.es