5 Billion Wireless Sensing Internet of Things Devices by 2019

ON World’s recently published report set provides in-depth analysis on the technology and adoption trends for wireless sensor networking (WSN) and the Internet of Things (IoT) markets including Smart Homes & Buildings, Smart Energy, Smart Lighting, Smart Industries and Smart Health & Fitness.

Wirelessly connected Internet of Things solutions are changing the way people live and interact with their environment, according to global technology research firm ON World. Internet of Things solutions are the result of decades of development of low power wireless radios, energy-efficient power sources as well as MEMS and nanosensors. These developments and the meteoric rise of smart devices and cloud based software and apps are transforming nearly every aspect of our lives.

“The Internet of Things is here,” says Mareca Hatler, ON World’s research director. “There are thousands of applications today using millions of wireless sensing devices that create life enhancing changes in energy usage, security and safety, health and wellness, smart lighting, building management and optimized industrial processes.”

By 2019, ON World predicts that the majority of wireless sensing and control devices will be Internet connected and cumulative shipments between 2010 and 2019 will reach 5 billion worldwide.

A few of the key markets for wireless Internet of Things innovations include the following:

Smart Homes & Buildings
The availability of cloud-based platforms has slashed costs for home and building automation solutions over the past few years. Today, millions of residential and commercial buildings are equipped with cloud-connected wireless sensing and control solutions for safety, security, lighting, energy management, comfort and convenience. … (Read more)

Source: PRWeb.com