Economic impact of Dutch data centers estimated at EUR 1bn & growing fast

Economic impact of Dutch data centers estimated at EUR 1bn & growing fast. The multitenant data center market in the Netherlands has experienced significant growth the past decade and continues to expand rapidly. A new report by the Dutch Datacenter Association (DDA) and independent research agency Pb7 Research estimates that the direct, indirect and induced economic impact of Dutch data centers is currently EUR 1 billion. This estimate should be seen as conservative, as the wider internet economy of the Netherlands is dependent on data centers and was recently valued at 7,7% of Dutch GDP (estimated at EUR 676,5 billion in 2015) by the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics.

Stijn Grove, managing director of the DDA: “Multitenant data centers have quickly spread all over the Netherlands the past decade. Building a data center is very capital intensive as opposed to labor intensive. It is said by some that data centers therefore do not have a significant contribution to employment opportunities or GDP in the Netherlands. That is a misstating of the facts, as is shown by this new research. Data centers provide strong multiplier effects for the economy as a whole and it would not be farfetched to say that they are absolutely vital to all businesses and organisations that are using digital technology in one way or the other.”

Data centers in the Netherlands provide robust housing for international enterprises, SMEs, the public sector, the IT sector, and digital startups. Most data centers are placed modestly and anonymous in the landscape. Still, they are the physical manifestation of the Dutch Digital Gateway to Europe, increasingly often referred to as the third Dutch mainport next to Amsterdam Schiphol airport and the Port of Rotterdam.

As such, data centers have a significant impact on the economic growth and employment opportunities in the Netherlands. The Netherland Foreign Investment Agency recently announced that in 2016 alone 1460 new jobs were created in the Netherlands through foreign investments in data centers and other IT-related companies. These investments are a direct result of the leading global position the Netherlands has as digital hub.

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About the Dutch Datacenter Association
The Dutch Datacenter Association (DDA) is the trade organisation of data centres in the Netherlands, the bedrock of the Dutch economy. The DDA unites leading data centres in the Netherlands in a common mission: the strengthening of economic growth and the profiling of the data centre sector to government, media and society.

The DDA expresses industry views on regulatory and policy issues. It demonstrates leadership by facilitating and encouraging members to implement operational improvements in the form of best practices. The DDA promotes education and contributes to technical standards, which enables the data centre industry in the Netherlands and abroad to further distinguish itself.

The DDA is one of the founders of the umbrella foundation Digitale Infrastructuur Nederland (DINL). DINL unites organisations that facilitate the digital infrastructure within the Netherlands. The DDA closely collaborates with Digital Gateway to Europe, which promotes the Netherlands as international data hub. The DDA also actively collaborates with market operators, the government and other interested parties.

About Pb7 Research

Pb7 Research is an independent ICT research firm. We provide independent research and advice, aimed at the successful deployment of new technology in the European market, with a key focus on the Dutch market.

Pb7 supports technology marketers and strategists by identifying and analyzing market and competitive opportunities and challenges, technology buyers in making well-informed decisions and we help policy makers with key statistics and market insights.

Pb7 Research is a specialist in IT security, IT professional services, data center infrastructure and services, cloud, and other emerging technologies.

Source: Dutch Data Centers Press Release