Tim de Wolf, Koning & Hartman, Presents: ‘From IoT for consumers, to Smart Industry for industrial companies. Smart made Simple’

Internet of Things. We can all imagine the intelligent chain of events: You walk out of the office at the end of the day, your phone registers the time and concludes that you are going home. The heater or air condition in your car was initiated 15 minutes ago and with your estimated time of arrival given the traffic, your house will be heated upon arrival and the bathtub will be filled. Everything automated. For us as consumers the added benefit of IoT is clear and apparent. The question is, how does it influence innovation for businesses? Koning & Hartman, in the B2B Dutch Industry, devised with its partners a plan to adopt Smart Industry. Simple and concrete steps an industrial company can take today, for the Smart Industry of the future.

Goal of the presentation: provide an inspiring and clear view on defining Smart Industry, and presenting steps to achieve it.

About Tim de Wolf

Tim has a background in Artificial Intelligence, Technology Management and Business & ICT. He is an enthusiastic speaker, with a critical view on modern day industry. In addition, he has a fresh and “out of the box” perspective on the opportunities for the industry of the future.

About Koning & Hartman

Koning & Hartman is a unique technology company and offers solutions in the areas of Telecom, Industry and Infrastructure. Technology is in our DNA. The solutions we offer enable our clients to use their technological business processes to their full potential, giving them a sustainable competitive advantage.