“Sensors to sweat the assets”, Presented by Peter Laloli, TNO

“Sensors to sweat the assets”, Presented by Peter Laloli, TNO, at Intelligent Sensor Networks Conference

Important critical infrastructure is indispensable in the supply chain of energy, in transportation and in protection against water flooding. Massive investments in critical infrastructures have been made to reach the current level of economic and social development.

Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) based on monitoring and forecasting the integrity of structures is the most effective way to safeguard structural integrity while reducing maintenance costs, maximizing the “up-time” of the structures and allowing utilisation in a different way than a structure was originally designed for.

About Peter Laloli

Peter is currently running a Research Program on Structural Integrity at TNO, aiming at breakthroughs on sensor and modelling technologies. He has been involved with intelligent sensor systems for several years in various applications. He studied Applied Physics at the University of Twente and worked at KPN Research before joining TNO.

About TNO

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