Peter Philippens, IdeAtics BV, Presents: “Smart Packaging”

Peter Philippens, IdeAtics BV, Presents: “Smart Packaging”

Packages become ‘smart’ by adding smart tags and sensors. These smart tags can be read with smartphones equipped with near field communication (NFC). In this presentation we dive into the techniques that can be applied to create these smart packages and we show several use case in eCommerce and supply chain.

About Peter Philippens

Peter Philippens is entrepreneur and consultant with a focus on business innovation. His career spans from IT to Logistics companies with a focus on reverse logistics. In his company IdeAtics he designed several innovative concepts based on the extensive IP IdeAtics has developed during the last five years. These concepts revolve around the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) in eCommerce and Healthcare environments, latest of which is SmartiX, a smart packaging concept developed with packaging solutions provider Bunzl.

About IdeAtics BV

IdeAtics owns a unique patented NFC technology enabling the identification and authentication of products by creating a contactless connection between the product and your phone.

Based on our patented NFC technology, IdeAtics supports customers in developing smart solutions for Smart and Intelligent Packaging, Healthcare, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Finance and Logistics. By doing so IdeAtics is a pioneer in contributing to the ever evolving world of the Internet of Things (IoT)

IdeAtics has successfully implemented a triple-A security architecture that allows general use of NFC technology in high security environments. We also deliver enabling technology such as tags and the reader and the writer app.