Mattermark – Top 100 Internet of Things Startups for 2015

  • 48 of the top Internet of Things (IoT) startups are based in the Bay Area, 5 in Boston, 3 in Los Angeles and Toronto, and 2 in Dallas, Paris and San Diego.
  • Venture funding in Jawbone, Genband, Silver Spring Networks and View Glass combined is $1.6B or 26% of all funding in the top 100 IoT startups.
  • Total funding for the top 100 IoT startups is currently $6.19B.
  • 31 are in late stage funding cycles as of today.

These and other insights are from a recent analysis of the IoT landscape using Mattermark Pro. Forbes readers often ask for insights into emerging technology startups, specifically venture-backed startups competing in IoT industries.

Mattermark uses a combination of artificial intelligence and data quality analysis to provide insights into over 1 million private companies, over 470,000 with employee data, and over 100,000 funding events. In the interest of full disclosure I’m not today and have never done any consulting work of any kind with Mattermark.

Defining The Top 100 Internet of Things Startups

To find the top 100 IoT startups, an initial query requesting all startups active in the IoT market was completed. Next, advanced query tools in Mattermark Pro were used to filter out all startups that had exited as indicated by their stage status in Mattermark’s data.Read more

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